GSS Features

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Get Started

GSS Data Explorer makes it easier than ever to use the data collected by the GSS.

Anyone can explore variables and questions for the entire dataset but you’ll need to create an account if you want to save variables, analyses, or visualizations. With an account, you can also save collections of data into projects and share your projects with anyone else who has a MyGSS account.

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Search & Save Variables

Explore variables, view questions, and see basic frequencies, so you can quickly confirm that you’ve found the data you need. You can search all variables in the GSS dataset and narrow your results with filters for survey year and subject. As you find variables, you can collect them in a cart to be extracted or analyzed later.

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Analyze Data

GSS Data Explorer helps you analyze data with an easy-to-use interface. Analyze variables from your cart or build your own variables. The analysis program applies default weighting for the variables you include in your cross-tabulation but gives you the options to select another available weighting. MyGSS presents your results in table, chart, or graph formats, and allows you to download your cross-tabulations as Excel or PDF files.

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Extract Data

Extract data customized for your project or download the entire GSS dataset. Multiple output formats let you download data and metadata, metadata only, and control files that allow you to import data directly to SAS, SPSS, Stata, and R.

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Project Workspaces

Create an account, and you’ll have access to your own project workspace where you can save search results and selected variables, tabulations and visualizations. You can also store extracts and manage your preferred extract settings. Control privacy settings on each project; keep a project private, share access with colleagues and classmates, or provide public view-only access to students or others.