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Our guides can answer most questions about how to access and use GSS data. Click on the guides below to get started.

Get Started

Learn about what you can do with GSS data in our features overview.

Search & Variables

Learn more about finding and saving data variables in the GSS dataset.

Project Workspaces

See how you can use project workspaces to save your work and share it with others.


Learn more about using GSS Data Explorer to create different analyses of GSS data.


Find out how to extract just the data you want to use in your own statistical software package.

View Trends

Learn how to use the visualization feature to view key trends and responses over time.

The GSS Codebook provides information about how GSS survey questions are asked and how GSS data are labeled and presented in the GSS dataset, for all years of the survey.

View GSS Codebook

View GSS Questionnaires