Project workspaces are great for organizing and saving work. Once you’ve created an account and logged in to the site, you can begin to build projects for yourself or to share with others.

First, select the “Create a Project” button. Give your project a name of no more than 140 characters. We’ll call this “Does money buy happiness?” You can also add a description. This is useful if you plan to share the project with others or make it public. We’ll add the description “Statistics 105 – data for correlation between INCOME and HAPPY.”

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Then, decide if you will keep this project private or share with others. You can modify this later in Project Settings if you change your mind. Select “Shared” if you want to invite others to add and edit the project – you can add or remove people from your project at any time. Select “Public” if you want to allow others to view your project, but not make changes. In this example, we’ll make the project public so our Statistics 105 students can view it but not make changes.

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If you know you’ll be creating extracts and have a preferred file format, you can select that next. If not, you can skip this step.

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Now you are ready to begin using your project. You can add variables, searches, analyses, extracts, and visualizations to your project right from this page. You’ll see updates to your project in the Project Activity timeline on the right, and see a number indicating new comments and activities in the header for each section.

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