Instructor's Starter Guide
The GSS Data Explorer tool provides a quick and interactive way for you to teach using GSS data. The site allows you and your students to create and share projects, work from existing outputs within a project, and leave comments and questions on project work. Below is a step-by-step guide on getting the GSS Data Explorer set up for your classroom.


1. Visit

2. Click on the register button in the top navigation, and then fill out the Create an Account form. Also ask your students to register and begin to explore the site.

3. You will receive an email confirming your GSS DE site registration.

Create a project

1. Once you are logged into the site from the Home page, select “Projects Overview” – this will take you to the project home page. All users will be given a default project to start with, from which they can begin to explore GSS data and build analyses.

2. Select “Create a Project” and provide both a project name and description.

3. Projects can be kept private, shared with others, or made public. To share this project with just your students, select "Shared" and copy and paste each student's email address. Be sure to hit enter after pasting each email - each student will receive an email alerting them that you have shared a project. a. Students can be added or removed from the project at any time under the project settings tab.

4. Select types of file formats (SPSS, SAS, R Script, DDI, or Excel) for future project downloads. These can be changed at any time.

Populate a project

1. Now that you’ve created a project, you can begin to add the variables you would like your students to analyze.

2. From your individual project page, select the + button to the right of the “Variables” box.

3. This will take you to the Search page – from here, you can search more than 5,000 GSS variables by keyword, subject, or year. Information on each variable includes: name, description, years available, survey question, and summary statistics for the variable. Students can gain a better understanding of the GSS by reviewing the variables and the survey questions asked, as well as search topics of interest.

4. Once you’ve identified variables of interest, add them to your project cart by clicking on the orange cart symbol to the left of the variable name.

5. You may also save your variable search by selecting “Save Search.””

Teach From Your Project

1. Your or your students can now run analyses using the variables in your project cart, or the variable searches you have saved. You can also extract the data for use in another statistical program. Have students run sound statistical analysis from the data you’ve selected, or encourage them to conduct their own variable search for data to analyze. a. Important: You should ask each student to create their own analysis or extract and save them under a unique title, as opposed to editing current analyses. Each member on a project has the same permissions; therefore students can edit analyses and overwrite existing analyses.

2. Additionally, you can preview the entire list of analyses and extracts developed by your class by selecting “Analyses” or “Extracts” from the individual project page. These lists allow you to open and review each student’s work, or leave comments and questions.

3. For a quick view of all student activity in the project, you can review the “Project Activity” feed displayed on the right of the individual project page.

4. Students can return to the project at any time to view any feedback they’ve received on their individual extracts or analyses, and to ask questions using the comment tool.

5. For more personalized work, students can also create their own projects and share them with you.